Friday, August 10, 2012

My Video Creation

I finally made my own little video of some of my favorite photos and videos from Ghana. I hope you all enjoy it! I'm really missing the Eguafo crew of volunteers and the children.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012


My Sankofa T-shirt
Sankofa: You can always start over in life if you realize and understand your mistakes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Pictures :)

Playing with the English flashcard app
Francis :-P
Eslese's favorite book: 101 Cars
I love Ghana.
Roasted corn that the children made us
That is my roasted corn face lol (insider)
Comfort! (My last night)
My Eguafo mom and our cook, Lizzie
Comfort and Eslese
My last night :(
My favorite Brit, Shani (Bo Bo)
Stuffing six people into a cab meant for three
Front seat: Steven and I
Stuffing six people into a cab meant for three
Back seat: Shani, Noah, Amanda, and Katie
Frances about to cane Noah lol
This is how they say Happy Birthday in Eguafo
with a bucket of muddy water
Happy 21st Birthday Shani
The glasses I gave Kwisi and other kids in KG2
with one of my favorites from KG2, Francis
Walking to Boti Falls
with Anita and her mother
Sankofa Boys :)
Michael, where is your uniform?!
In front of the Sankofa Basic School 
getting my hair braided on break from Vanessa (behind Freddy)
Little Ishamel carrying a bench on his head like a pro
Gaffty. Both of our Fanti names are Yaa Maanu.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Videos Part 2

Arriving at Boti Falls

Popular game that the children play 
(The volunteers could never figure it out)

The Center kids doing Azonto

The bonfire on my last night in Eguafo

GO DOGS!!! They love The Citadel lol!

Videos Part 1

Get to know Kwisi 

A tro-tro ride

At the monkey sanctuary

Drumming at Oasis Beach Restaurant in Cape Coast

Little Monkey Song

Another local song

Children dancing in Koforidua (our weekend road trip)


Please take some time to view the Sankofa Children's Home website. If you would really like to help please check out the volunteering and/or the donation sections: